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You wish, we organize!

Burgenland offers you a full programme. Before or after the carriage ride there are many highlights to discover. We are happy to organise your daily programme for you. Just let us know your wishes for your excursion. We are happy to help you with the organisation.
Our tips:

  • In the National Park Information Centre you will learn a lot of interesting facts about the flora and fauna of the Seewinkel.
  • The Halbturn Castle Park is open to the public all year round and an oasis for those seeking relaxation.  
  • The baroque Frauenkirchen Church of Grace was built in 1695 by Francesco Martinelli as the Paul Esterházy Foundation. In 1990 Pope John Paul II elevated it to the status of a basilica. It is considered the most beautiful Baroque church and the most important pilgrimage church in Burgenland.
  • The Mönchhofer Dorfmusem takes its visitors on a journey through time into our near past. Immerse yourself in the small rural village culture of the Seewinkel and gain an insight into the everyday life of our ancestors.